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What is a Critical Care Technologist ?

Critical Care Technologists are independant health cere providers (Private Practice or Public Sector) that serve a pivotal role in executing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions across various critical care environments, including operating rooms, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), emergency departments, surgical, medical, neurological, trauma, pediatric critical care transportation units, and diagnostic units. The broad discipline of Critical Care Technology involves an array of specializations, attributable to the comprehensive scope of critical care in collaboration with Medical practitioners.

Globally, including South Africa, many Critical Care Technologists opt for specialization within the extensive domain of critical care, enabling them to cultivate profound expertise in their selected areas.

The pathway to becoming a Critical Care Technologist necessitates the completion of a degree in Clinical Technology, followed by a specialization in Critical Care. Additionally, developing proficiency in their particular area of interest is fundamental before they can establish their private practice as Critical Care Technologists. The degree awarded for this specialized focus is the Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Technology (Critical Care), formerly recognized as National Diploma and then Bachelor of Technology in Clinical Technology (Critical Care).

For professionals seeking advanced academic credentials, there are options like Master of Health Science in Clinical Technology and Doctor of Health Science in Clinical Technology. These further education levels provide avenues for enhancing their knowledge base and skill set in the field of Critical Care Technology.

It is imperative for aspiring Critical Care Technologists to participate in ongoing professional development, keep abreast of the latest advancements in the discipline, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals. This commitment helps ensure the delivery of the highest standard of care to patients in critical conditions.

Critical Care Technologists typically focus on amongst others Aneathesia, Vascular Accsess, ECMO, Pre-Aneasthesia, Reasearch, Peadiatric Critical Care, Adult Critical Care, Emergency Care Department, Vascular Lab or Echo 

Hugo Minnaar

Private Practice: Critical Care - PR 0180475

B.Tech Clin Tech (Critical Care) (SA) 2002



ECMO Specialist

Fields of Interest
Our Associates have special interest in the following fields, and can assist in any of these areas

High-fidelity Critical Care & ECMO Transportation
Cell Saving
Vascular Access & Monitoring
(Extracorporeal Life Support)
Diagnostic Testing
Ultrasound, Lfx, ECG
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Medical team helping each other to help
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